Privacy Statement
Thank you for playing Online Soccer Manager (OSM)! Here we would like to thank you for authorizing us to use your personal data and to explain to you why and how we use your personal data to make this game even better. If you can’t find all the information you need, or if you are curious to know more, you can contact our data officer (at [email protected]) with all your questions or requests.

We don’t want to give you an overkill of information here, but this is the consent that we need to have on the basis of applicable laws.

We are happy that you allow us to use your email address and your IP address (this is the online identification number of your PC or smartphone) and/or other device identifiers. The information we store in order to make the game as entertaining as possible for you is your IP address and your email address. We may use your device's Ad-ID for tracking your use of various other Gamebasics products.

Your consent helps us to improve and develop our game, such as fixing bugs and speeding up in-game action.

We will use the information that we received from you to enable you to play the game and to achieve the game’s primary goal: to manage like a boss! We need to be able to identify you in order for you to become the best online football manager in the world and to help you log-in again if you forgot your password. If we request any other personal data during your journey in the game, this is always linked to a functionality of your choice such as the acquisition of Boss Coins to make your team stronger. We will only use personal data after you have actively instructed us to do so. If in the future we decide that we need more data from you, we will inform you duly and adapt our privacy statement.

OSM is a fair game, we want to avoid that you have to compete against cheaters. We want you to be able to invite and play with your friends and/or to play against people in your region.

With your consent we can send you personalized messages and let you know about stuff such as when it is time for you to train, when your Scout has returned with valuable target player information and when we have specific (marketing) promotions that will boost your team.

We work together with credible partners. Who? Leanplum, Google Analytics, Fabric, Firebase, Google Play, Fortumo, Quickblox and Google Push messages. Why? Because they provide services that help us to avoid boring you with ads that are not of your interest . Also, we want to be informed about the reasons behind crashes in our technology and how to fix bugs as soon as possible. We know that you like our game, but in order to make it even more fun we want to know how and where we can improve the playability, we want to know why you want to keep playing! Moreover, we want you to tell your friends about it and to involve them in the game, this game is best when it is played with friends! And, last but not least, if you decide to boost your team by buying Boss Coins, we want to make sure that all your transactions are carried out safely. So this is why we decided to work with these partners and to share your data with them.

We guarantee that we have done the utmost to keep your details safe, also when these are used by our partners. In the case that our partners, or any party that we would accidentally work with, are based in a country that is not part of the EU, we will make sure that their privacy requirements are similar to ours.

In our experience, players continue to come back to OSM after a long period of time. We will therefore store your details required for a smooth return when you decide to start playing OSM again after a break. These details can be removed on your request at any time. Via the provided contact you can always request if and what kind of personal data we have gathered. Additionally we can provide details on how this is used for notifications, commercial ends or in relation to the playability of the game. We can also give you more insights about why we use your info. If in any exceptional case the information that we have gathered from you appears to be incorrect, we can rectify this at your request.

If you wish to permanently delete or limit any potential personal data that we may have from you, we shall do so on your request. You can always request us to delete your personal details, but rest assured that after five years we will delete all records that may have a connection to you or identify you in any way whatsoever. If you are a parent of someone aged under 16 (or if you are under 13…contact your parents!) be aware that your previously given consent extends to your child being able to communicate with others within the OSM platform.

We have concluded partnerships with IP rights holders and have carefully assessed all our activities and did our utmost to be convinced that we do not breach any IP and/or personality right(s) of third parties. However, in the case that you, as a legitimate (personality) right holder, are of the opinion that we have infringed on any of your right(s), feel free to contact us on [email protected] and we will carefully consider your claim and get in touch with you. Please be aware of the fact that if you claim that any of your rights have been infringed upon, you are required to make clear to us that you are the legitimate and exclusive right holder in relation to the rights you refer to in your claim.

If you have a question or remark, feel free to contact us!

Enjoy playing OSM!
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